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"When people are sick, nutrition is more important than ever - but when taste is disturbed by illness or treatment, it makes eating and tasting everyday foods unpalatable, I have a number of patients who have lost their taste due to various cancer treatments, radiation and chemotherapy and struggle with nausea or can no longer taste food, which severely impacts their health and quality of life."

- Dr Andrew Martin, General Surgeon from Cessnock NSW, said the fruit provides sweet relief for those suffering and helps alleviates the burden and pain of illnesses.

"Max was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2020 and was given 3-6 months to live, Due to chemotherapy, Max lost his appetite, noting that food tasted like cardboard. Max had mostly stopped eating, was rapidly losing weight, and deteriorating.
Strongly recommended to try Rubyberry Miracle Fruit by Max's Oncologist and niece whose husband had cancer; Max tasted the berry as a last resort.
Max was astonished - describing the fruit's effect as "amazing". Max was able to start eating regularly again and enjoying food, gaining strength and health. Max credited Miracle fruit to his improved quality of life. and lived an additional 18 months.

- Moira, West Cessnock, NSW

"Chris & Karen thank you for your Product. I am in remission from Oesophageal Cancer. Following the operation, Chemo & Radio Therapies I have had issues with Nausea especially after eating. Having tried Ginger to minimise the symptoms I tried Rubyberry. By the time the cube had dissolved on my tongue the Nausea began to ease & within 10mins had gone completely. I am extremely happy."

- Ivan, Sydney

"I was diagnosed with Parainfluenza Virus in August 2021. After being very unwell for a few weeks, I finally recovered. The virus left me with no sense of taste or smell for several months. My husband brought me home some Rubyberry to try. I could not believe how great my first meal tasted. Rubyberry Cubes are great for travelling also. I'm so happy to have discovered the Miracle Berries and hope they can help others like me!"

- Ninette, Bundaberg QLD

"When you can have an impact on a patient who has been suffering from sour taste for 6 months due to a IVIG drug [Intravenous immune globulin] everything tasted sour until today!.. instantly with half a cube apple juice and sandwiches "taste normal" her response "that's insane"."

- Lee-Ann, Dietitian, Tasmania

"I haven't been able to eat or drink anything for three months because everything I attempted turned sour in my mouth. I called into the dietitian Lee-Ann and she said "I have a solution for that". I kind of thought to myself "yeah right" but then she brought in these Rubyberries. I took a drink of apple juice and it was like I was tasting it for the first time in my life from the garden of Eden 😂 . I then tried some of a ham sandwich and it tasted normal! This is life changing for me. I was so miserable due to the constant hunger but the inability to eat because of the sour taste. Thank you Lee-Ann from the bottom of my heart."

- Missminniapple, Tasmania

"As a nurse, having worked in major hospitals and more recently working in aged care, I see significant therapeutic opportunity for Rubyberry. Many patients and clients requiring a variety of medical therapies often lose their appetite and can be difficult to keep hydrated and well-fed, which in turn is paramount for their recovery. Anything that helps me a clinician is welcome and l believe this product could be the panacea that will make a huge difference to the way we support nutrition to our patients."

- Susan L, Queensland

"What an amazing sensation this is. The new cubes are more effective than the previous melting tablets. We are enjoying treating our mates and seeing their astonished faces when they suck on a lemon or other acidic fruits then keep on sucking. Theres more to this medical wonder than a party trick but l still enjoy the fun. Just when l thought I had experience most things life has to offer, along came Rubyberry, amazing."

- Jack, Gold Coast

"Our ABC came in handy watching 'Landline' in early 2019. I saw a segment about Chris and his Miracle Berry project in the Daintree. My husband was just diagnosed with Prostate cancer and his eminent Oncologist advised him to get his estate in order. Six months was the prediction, almost 4 years later he is still with us. Chemo, - it worked, cancer shrunk, so did Donald's appetite. You can't fight cancer with an empty tank. Rubyberry came to the rescue. Donald started to eat more and enjoying his food again. His food intake doubled. I noticed his waxy white skin pallor changed to a much better colour. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- Heike & Donald, Port Douglas, Far North Queensland

"It definitely works, Rubyberry gave me my taste buds back. I lost 26 kgs through chemo because I could not taste food. I am so happy I tried them, they worked for me. Losing our taste buds is an obvious problem as we need nourishment to keep us healthy. I discussed this with my Oncologists and they were happy for me to try the Rubyberry."

- Judith, North Queensland

"We tried your tablets after my partner completed 33 radiation treatments following cancer surgery on his face and neck. As a result of radiation treatment, he lost his taste for food - "everything tastes like eating cardboard" - and he struggled to eat a decent meal. When he tried sucking a Rubyberry just before a meal this all changed and he was able to taste his food once more and began to enjoy his meals once more. After taking two lots of tablets (24 tablets), he was lucky enough to slowly regain his taste and now he can eat normally. We will certainly recommend your product to anyone we encounter with loss of taste."

- Diana, New South Wales

"After chemo my husband had a problem eating because nothing tasted right, everything tasted the same. It was becoming a challenge to find anything to cook and as he was losing weight it was making life very difficult for both of us. We had recently moved to be closer to our daughter and her husband and they liked to invite us to enjoy a lunch with them, mostly we had to turn them down because Dave just had no interest in food. We found the Rubyberry site on the net and although Dave said they won't work I ordered some just to see. After the first Rubyberry we were both amazed at the difference they made, they now take pride of place on our table and when we are invited out for a meal they are the first thing that goes in my handbag."

- Jean and Dave, Western Australia

"In November 2015, I was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma in my tongue, resulting in the removal of half of the tongue and lymph glands in the throat. Following this I had six weeks of radiotherapy, resulting in the loss of taste buds and saliva glands. I had been left with a very dry mouth and a metallic taste in my mouth. I had no joy in eating or drinking as everything tasted sour. I was introduced to Chris by a mutual friend who had informed him of my plight. He sent me a supply of Miracle fruit melting tablets to try, Voila! The results were nothing short of amazing. After using the tablets I found that my taste was restored for about an hour after using one. I am now able to enjoy the foods and drinks that were tasteless before by using these wonderfull tablets."

- Gene L, Cairns, Far North Queensland

"My name is Mary and I am 59 years old. I was first diagnosed with a head and neck cancer in 2013 and had chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Now I have an altered taste with fruit, meat, vegetables and alcohol. I often check with those around me if something is bitter or metallic, because I don't know if it is me or the food. Rubyberry has changed that. I had my first glass of champagne in five years the other day and it was WONDERFUL! Rubyberry helps with food I avoided because of the taste. Now I find I enjoy eating more than I have for years. Thank you for supplying this product."

- Mary, New South Wales

"Rubyberry Miracle Fruit Cubes really are a miracle! After more than 7 years of endless prescription medications and many natural remedies used to try and ease my daughter's debilitating chronic nausea, I happened to come across Rubyberry.

We were not expecting a cure as we have never had success with anything over the years. However, one afternoon when my daughter was extremely nauseous, I gave her a Rubyberry to try. To our complete surprise and relief, her nausea was gone in 5 minutes! We were overjoyed and so-so happy.

We were sceptical, but the Rubyberry proved us wrong. My daughter has found that only half a cube is enough to completely cure (sic) her serve nausea. It really has been a life-changing miracle for her.
We are so thankful, Rubyberry!"

- Kim, Sydney

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